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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter April 2016  

In this edition

Textile machinery: our pride and joy

Dear Customers,

Textile machinery is our pride and joy, and has been for the past 129 years. Notwithstanding this fact, in the meantime our understanding of the role of machines has changed completely. In the past, they were the driving force behind textile production progress, but now technology has attained a degree of maturity, which means that today advances take place in a new dimension. More…

Two more trumps for the NH2 53

NH2 53 2/130 with a 75mm stroke and LAN interface.

With the successful launch of the NH2 53 narrow fabric loom, Jakob Müller AG implemented a complete range of innovations. Moreover, in the strengthened NH2 53 2/130 version, a 75mm heald shaft stroke makes the loom even more impressive. The NH2 53 2/130 can also be programmed via a portable operating device and using LAN, controlled directly from a MÜCAD workstation. More…

NH2 53
NH2 53 2/130 Z5: Vertical blinds with integrated LED-threads

MÜPRINT MDP3 E for large production volumes

Perfectly printed narrow fabrics with the MÜPRINT MDP3 E.


The new MÜPRINT MDP3 E, which made its debut at the ITMA 2015, supplements Müller’s existing textile printing programme with a model for larger production volumes. The MÜPRINT MDP3 E stands out due to its newly developed high-precision printing head, which has been designed specially for the use of sublimation inks on textiles. An extensive printing width, the innovative printing head and the large-volume ink system facilitate an enormous increase in productivity and reliability, and make the MÜPRINT MDP3 E a durable and robust CMYK printing system. More…

Cost savings without quality losses

20% price reduction on the “Parts of the Month”.

Click here – and save! Because every month under this link Jakob Müller AG offers a choice of original spare parts at a 20% price reduction. More…

This is the starting-point for the direct route to the current “Parts of the Month”.

More performance from older NFJMs

Are you looking to continue using your tried and trusted NFJM, but wish to have additional functions and higher pattern definition? No problem! All that is needed is an exchange of the existing SEC96 or SPE2 192 jacquard for an up-to-date SPE3 192 or SPE3 384. More…

SPE3 384
Upgrade to SPE3 384

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Müller events in review

A new stand concept is premiered at the ITMA 2015 in Milan. More…


A customer event in Bangladesh. More…


Open house at Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH. More…


Save the Date

Where “Narrow Fabrics People” meet

Narrow Fabrics People

We look forward to providing you with international flair at these events:

15th Chemnitz Textile Technology Conference
On 31 May, 12.30 to 12.55 p.m.: presentation “Innovative Narrow Fabrics produced on Needle Looms”. More…

ITM 2016
“The Global Meeting of Textile Technology Giants”
Istanbul (Turkey), 1 to 4 June 2016. More…

ITMA Asia + CITME 2016
“Asia’s Leading-edge Business Platform”
Shanghai (China), 21 to 25 October 2016
More information follow in due time.