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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter June 2017  

In this edition

In Aachen we are working on the digital future

Digitisation and networking are the industrial buzzwords of the moment and the replacement of automated Industry 3.0 by digitised Industry 4.0 is no longer a utopian dream. Instead it is progressing at speed in every conceivable field and the textile industry is no exception.


For this reason, Jakob Müller AG is involved in dual activities at the new Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Aachen, Germany. Firstly, it is operating the machine pool of the “teaching factory” with Jakob Müller products. And secondly, it is using the DCC’s inspiring atmosphere for research into new machine operation options and their integration into digitised production processes. More …

Robert Reimann
CEO, Jakob Müller AG

Innovation from Jakob Müller AG

EBRT and EKAST for constant warp thread tension

We now offer two additional options for differing operational areas, both of which ensure constant, controlled warp thread tension throughout the entire weaving process.


The EBRT electronic brake drum for weaving from creel


The EKAST electronic warp take-off control for weaving from warp beam

Both solutions:


The new NGV3 heald frame for the NG3 belt loom offers twice the service life

The new NGV3 heald frame provides two decisive advantages. Firstly, as opposed to its predecessor it provides double the service life and secondly, it is suitable for use with NF healds and therefore does not require the special NG version.


NGV3 heald frame package


The V4.16 MÜCAD update offers new functions

The V4.16 MÜCAD update allows the printout of the draw-in plan and facilitates direct transfers from the pattern database to the machine. This update is free of charge. MÜCAD

This update enables the printout of the feed plan

Detailed information regarding these innovations is available here.

The Idea Workshop – new narrow fabric patterns


Compression bandages in large widths

Zauberband rot

Zauberband blau

A “magic” narrow fabric with changing logotype

A detailed description of these narrow fabric patterns is here.

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Save the Date

Knit Show 2017
11 – 13 August 2017
Tirupur, India

26 – 29 September 2017
New Orleans, LA, USA

We look forward to welcoming you to our stands at these events. Further information will follow soon.

Review – trade fairs and visits

Detailed reports about the following trade fairs and visits:

can be found here.

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