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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter December 2017  

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Jakob Müller AG – as versatile as the narrow fabrics industry itself

In the less than the two centuries since the beginning of industrialisation, the changes in the narrow fabrics industry have been breathtaking. Today, narrow fabrics accompany us on a daily basis in many functions, which culminate in smart textiles.

The steady increase in the fields of applications has been accompanied by a parallel rise in the demands made on the machinery park, which explains the extensive Jakob Müller AG range of today. We are able to supply equipment on a one-stop-shopping basis for everything from yarn warping, to finished crochet knits and textile labels.

But why not draw your own conclusions by simply discussing your wishes with your Jakob Müller sales advisor?

With thanks for your interest, I wish you every success.

Robert Reimann
CEO Jakob Müller AG

Innovations from Jakob Müller AG

A strengthened tape take-off for the NH2 53 looms

Thanks to a new tape take-off with a force of up to 2,500 N, the electronically controlled NH2 53 looms for light- to medium-weight products now provide even greater operational flexibility. More...


The strengthened take-off with almost 70% more force on an NH2 53 2/130


A generation change from the MÜSONIC2 to the MÜSONIC3

The new ultrasonic MÜSONIC3 label slitter further optimises the advantageous features of its predecessor and in addition is even easier to operate. More...


The MÜSONIC3 resembles the MÜSONIC2 on the outside, but inside it is very different.


With the new mandrel for the MÜGRIP MBJ6 tape winding roll, you can now save 50 per cent of the preparation time!

Up to now, the preparation of the winding roll was an extremely complicated process, as the plastic winding ring had to be removed by hand. However, the new mandrel now simplifies this procedure greatly. The rings merely need to be held over the mandrel and dropped.The process is thus completed, as can be seen on the demonstration video and our homepage.


The winding ring must fit into the groove on the winding roll.


Once the rings have been placed on the mandrel, they each drop precisely into the groove without manual adjustment.


MFR FC is the new and powerful system for single-sided coating

Jakob Müller AG has developed the new MFR FC especially for the single-sided coating of hook and loop and velvet tapes. The machine stands out due to both its operational versatility and compact dimensions. More...

Lick Roll

The heart of the MFR FC is formed by a lick roll application unit for single-side coating.

In future, Jakob Müller Germany will look after MÜSONIC2 machines

This change will take effect as from 1 January 2018. Any order received by Jakob Müller AG in Frick prior to this date, as well as all current quotations, will be dealt with by our Swiss headquarters. More...

The narrow fabrics think-tank


Men’s underwear tapes with an extremely soft feel and excellent skin-friendliness


Wide-narrow-wide-tape for bags and rucksacks with variable widths


Bag tape with drawstring


You can find detailed descriptions of these tape samples here.

A theme week in Mönchengladbach (D) with a focus on narrow fabrics and smart textiles

The Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach, Germany, has issued an invitation to attend the International Week of Narrow Fabrics and Smart Textiles from 19th to 23rd February 2018. An event, which owing to the interesting presentations and the possibility for discussions with international branch experts, is certainly more than attractive. More...

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