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The Jakob Müller AG Newsletter May 2018  

In this edition

Steps both large and small

In order to ensure the quick and reliable supply of the large numbers of Müller machines around the world with original spares, Jakob Müller AG manages a range of some 26,000 components and replacement parts. In the course of this year, we will also be offering these via our Internet-based service portal, which will allow our customers to not merely access the price and stock information regarding a particular part, but equally identify the required item online via the suitable electronic spare part catalogue. This development represented a large-scale project for our customer service team, but will provide our clientele with a marked increase in comfort and efficiency. It also represents a major step forward in line with the spread of digitisation.

Thank you for your interest. I wish you every success.

Robert Reimann
CEO Jakob Müller AG

The «mymueller®» service portal goes online

Looking to order spare parts online? During this year, this option for Müller customers will become reality after Jakob Müller AG unveils its new “mymueller®” service portal to an extended circle of customers at the ITMA ASIA 2018.


Find out today what mymueller® will be offering you. More...

Innovation by Jakob Müller AG

20-06 is the magic formula for perfect digital printing

When digitally printing polyester tapes, you can obtain the very best quality results if prior to printing you use the new 20-06 finishing agent. You will then see that the print possesses far sharper contours and colour depth, the touch is more pleasant and the wash-proofing superior. More...

The Idea Workshop – new narrow fabric patterns

Safety harness belt

Non-elastic safety harness belt


Elastic safety harness belt

Elastic safety harness belt


Welt tape

Welt tape


Brake tape

Brake tape (entered in the utility model register)


Underwear tape

Sustainable elastic underwear tapes


A detailed description of these narrow fabric patterns is here.

Save the Date

This is where narrow fabrics people will be meeting in 2018:

A new hot spot for our branch

From 19 to 23 February 2018, the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach, Germany offered an invitation to the International Narrow Fabrics and Smart Textiles Week.


Some 200 specialists visited the event and Jakob Müller AG played an active role in the organization. More...

Profit from our offers

Factory Outlet: Machines and spare parts are available at short notice and bargain prices.

Shortlist: Here new ex-works machines are on offer, which are available with short delivery times.