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The Jakob Müller AG Customer Magazine April 2019  

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Expanding markets, increasingly diverse and demanding fields of application, not to mention exciting challenges, mean that the textile industry is characterised by constant change. The Jakob Müller name is synonymous with a programme and we are proud of our ability to provide you, our customers, with innovations and solutions that offer competitive advantages. Accordingly, at the Techtextil in Frankfurt and the ITMA in Barcelona we will be showcasing new developments that are certain to meet with an enthusiastic response on your part. Therefore, if you would like to see innovative ideas that will generate market fresh impulses, visit us at the ITMA (a small foretaste of which you will find here: https://www.nfm.swiss/).

Innovations are indispensible, as are productivity, cost efficiency, sustainability and durability. Müller equipment convinces in all these respects, as clearly evidenced by the fact that many machines from our company remain in use for extremely lengthy periods. Indeed, they may well have been fully written off from an investment standpoint, but nonetheless still remain in top form. Moreover, the retrofitting offers from our Customer Service Department allow the continued efficient employment of such machinery and are therefore too good to be missed!

You will find us at the Techtextil on Stand D25 in Hall 3.0 and at the ITMA on Stand A 107 in Hall 4. Come along and be excited and inspired; I look forward to your visit.

Robert Reimann
CEO, Jakob Müller AG

Techtextil 2019 - the Müller stand highlights

Experience the latest Müller machines live on Stand D25 in Hall 3.0

The NG3S 28G 2/66 S5 for medium-weight belts

Machines from the Jakob Müller AG’s NG3 series are the world’s fastest narrow fabric needle looms and epitomise top performance and maximum efficiency. More...

NG3S 28G 2/66 S5

The Comez EL-32 for multi-axial technical knits

This electronically controlled RR knitting machine (double knit) from Comez is ideally suited to the production of technical textiles and multi-axial knits. More...


Retrofits for older Müller machines

In order that you can continue to employ them efficiently, we wish to offer you updates for a number of Müller machines, which were manufactured in 1992 or earlier.

Jakob Müller AG maintains the readiness for delivery of spare parts for its machines for exceptionally long periods. However, from a certain machine age, the comprehensive availability of spares can no longer be guaranteed, especially with regard to the control systems. Therefore, we have developed replacement controls for the machine types listed below and with this retrofit you can extend the service life of your tried and trusted equipment for many more productive years.

as well as

More performance from older NFJMs

Are you looking to continue using your tried and trusted NFJM, but wish to have additional functions and higher pattern definition? No problem! All that is needed is an exchange of the existing SEC96, SEC320 or SPE2 192 jacquard for an up-to-date SPE3 192 or SPE3 384.

SPE3 384

Refurbishing your proven NFJM needle loom with a modern jacquard like that used in the latest NFJM2 machines, provides additional functions and enhanced pattern definition. This adds up to multiple advantages for you that include the retention of the loom’s value.

The following upgrades are possible:

Current Jaquard New Jacquard
SEC 96, SEC 320 SPE3 192, SPE3 384
SPE2 192 SPE3 384

The modifications do not require a larger footprint, but a higher ceiling (up to 3m depending on the jacquard selected).

Our Spare Parts Service will provide you with a tailor-made quotation. Feel free to contact us at jmf.parts@mueller-frick.com or under Tel. +41 62 865 55 55.

Interesting narrow fabrics samples from the Idea Workshop

Non-elastic shoelaces

Non-elastic shoelaces

Non-slip cord

Non-slip cord

Rucksack tapes / shoelaces

Rucksack tapes / shoelaces

Lightweight belt with combined warp-weft

Lightweight belt with combined warp-weft

Detailed descriptions of these samples can be found here.

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