Narrow Fabric Loom for medium-weight tapes and belts.

Narrow Fabric Loom

Sturdy model series for medium-weight tapes and belts.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Powerful take-off system
  • Robust shedding motion system for high warp tensions
  • Müdata2 control system for easy operation
  • Simple to operate and easy to access
  • Easy handling, easy moveable
  • Mütrans2 weft thread transport can be adjusted during machine operation
  • For applications such as lifting belts, luggage belts, lashing straps and other various medium heavy belts
  • Easy to connect to mymuenet®
  • Rubber feeding device for elastic fabrics
  • Spring-loaded warp end deflection device for optimal warp tension
  • Low-maintenance due to sturdy construction ➜ Lower costs
  • Top edge quality – optimal, flexible and easy setting of the latch, binder and catch thread needle especially with weaving system S5 ➜ 10% less setting time required compared to conventional needle looms
  • Easy to handle and to move ➜ less time requirement for installation and set-up in production
Narrow Fabric Weaving Systems MD
Base model MD  
Number of spaces 4


Max. reed width (mm) 85


Max. fabric width (mm) 80


Max. fabric thickness (mm) 3.1


Weaving systems S1 and S3 - Standard
S2 and S5 - Optional
Regulator for 3.0 to 15.0 picks / cm; optional also for 2.2 to 15 picks per cm
Reinforced fabric take-off With cromed and knurled take-off and pressure rollers
Number of heald frames, max. 14
Repeat lengths Cam 1:8, Optional pattern chain 16 -48
Weft feed Mütrans2, Option fan shaped disk
AC motor With frequency converter: 3kw, 3x400V - 50/60 Hz
EN 1.93 MB