Semiautomatic, for spooling and winding of threads, cords, braids and narrow fabrics in parallel-, multi-cross and precision cross winding.

  • Freely programmable spool width and winding speed
  • High winding capacity
  • Convenient operation
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Winding parameter storage as data record
  • High precision winding
  • Programmable winding width and traverse pitch
  • Step motor and servo controlled traverse

This new generation, semi-automatic bobbin machine is fitted with the latest control and operating technology. A laying motor is employed for bobbin laying. All winding and laying parameters can be flexibly set. Bobbin width, parallel-, cross- and precision laying, laying passes, etc. can be individually programmed and stored. As a result of the use of modern microprocessor controls, movements with an accuracy of 0.1 mm can be reached. Windingpatterns, edge structure and thread laying can be defined by the operator using a control program.

  • Flexible machine use.
  • Short setting and resetting times due to microprocessor controls with storable winding parameters that can be retrieved at any time.
  • Choice of parallel, multi-cross and precision cross-winding patterns.
  • High levels of operator comfort.
  • 2 winders per head
  • Length measurement device (light/heavy)
  • Highly dynamic servodrive for large laying passes and high winding speeds (instead of step morot), with touch screen operation
  • Knot catcher– "CENSOR" tape defect detection device
  • Run-off device with permanent and standstill brakes for rolls/bobbins or skeins
  • Powered run-off device for large bobbins
  • Untangling and pre-transport device
  • Multiple yarn take-off from the overhead cones (1 – 8 threads)
  • Multiple yarn take-off from the creel (more than 8 threads)
  • Thread brakes and monitors (single or multiple)
  • Pneumatic thrust bearing
  • De-tensioning device
  • Automatic shutdown upon attainment of the desired bobbin diameter
  • Anti-static device
Winding and Making-Up KFF-C
Max. spool diameter240 mm
Max. spool length300 mm
[dye spools and filter cartridges up to max. 1000 mm]
Fabric width and/or cord diameter0,2 – 12 mm 
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