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Jakob Müller AG
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Accessories available at the Jakob Müller AG Factory Outlet

For further information please get in touch with your local Müller contact.

Label Production Accessories

TypeSpecificationMachine Nr.Original Price [CHF]Outlet Price/unit [CHF]*Spec.
AccessoriesWarp beamMBJ 3 / 5 / 6  700.00        350.00[.pdf]
AccessoriesROJ SUPER ELF G2MBJLx     1'000.00[.pdf]
AccessoriesFilling device for tubular labels        500.00[.pdf]
AccessoriesScissors grinder MBJL   1'980.00        750.00[.pdf]
AccessoriesIRO ROI SUPER ELF  weft accumulator MÜJET 2 or 3complete set of 8, incl. power supply and frame     6'500.00[.pdf]
*Outlet Price [CHF]/unit; ex works Switzerland, unpacked, without guarantee