Jakob Müller AG

Jakob Müller AG
Systeme und Lösungen für
Band und Schmaltextilien

Machines available at the Jakob Müller AG Factory Outlet

For further information please get in touch with your local Müller contact.

Narrow Fabric Weaving Looms

Machine typeSpecification Machine Nr.Original Price Outlet Price/unit 
NH253 4/42 SNO4BA2012/05766USD 38'000.00[.pdf]
NC2M2/D20A2014/14362USD 39'800.00[.pdf]
NF422/84 Z93BK2002/00014CHF 26'500.00[.pdf]
NF532/130 VL/ALK2001/00115CHF 64'977.00CHF 32'500.00[.pdf]
NF534/66sK2012/00009CHF 61'941.00CHF 31'500.00[.pdf]
NHJM253 6/42 Z4 H-M-TK2013/00046CHF 74'105.00CHF 38'000.00[.pdf]
*Outlet Price [CHF]/unit; ex works Switzerland, unpacked, without guarantee

Systems for Dyeing / Finishing / Coating

Machine typeSpecificationMachine nr.Original Price [CHF]Outlet Price/unit [CHF]*
MFR 22HHotmelt machine  59'000.00[.pdf]
MFR 2TDyeing machine115'000.00[.pdf]
*Outlet Price [CHF]/unit; ex works Switzerland, unpacked, without guarantee