Spare Parts, Service and Maintenance

Your Partner for Long Term Maximum Performance

Technologies progress. Market situations change. Once you have invested in a Jakob Müller AG system you can face the future with confidence. In addition to short term backup, we also guarantee long term support. Our optimal after sales service ensures that investment in a Jakob Müller AG system offers maximum long term customer benefit.

COMEZ takes over service for Müller warp knitting machines

Our subsidiary COMEZ International s.r.l., took over the After Sales Service for the RD3, RD3.8, RD3MT3, MDC and MDK machines as of February 1, 2019.

This strategic decision was taken to support our customers from the location with the highest knitting expertise in the Müller Group.

Please note: All orders placed with Jakob Müller AG Switzerland until 23rd January 2019, as well as all pending offers, will still be processed by our Swiss headquarters. However, we ask all customers to contact COMEZ International s.r.I. from 24th January 2019 onwards for parts orders or offers for the mentioned knitting machines.

If you have handled parts orders and technical queries through our local representative office in the past, you can of course continue do so.

If you were previously in direct contact with us as the manufacturer of these machines, you would need to contact in future our competence center for warp knitting machines, COMEZ International s.r.I. :

Tel.: +39 0381 698662

All contact information for COMEZ International s.r.I. can also be found on the COMEZ homepage:

Please note that customer service for RC, MDR and GWM remains with Jakob Müller AG in Switzerland.

MÜSONIC2 – Service Transfer
In future, Jakob Müller Germany will look after MÜSONIC2 machines

The new, ultrasonic MÜSONIC3 label slitting machine is manufactured by our subsidiary Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH. This machine is closely related to its predecessor, the MÜSONIC2, and therefore it is only logical that in future the German company will also provide the after sales service for the older model. This change will take effect as from 1 January 2018.   

Any order received by Jakob Müller AG in Frick prior to this date, as well as all current quotations, will be dealt with by our Swiss headquarters. However, after January 1, we would request that customers working with the MÜSONIC2 contact Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH with regard to spare part orders and technical questions.  

Spare parts (quotations, orders, etc.)
Tel.: +49 (0) 2336 4799 31
Helpdesk (technical support, guarantee claims)
Tel.: +49 (0) 2336 4799 0

The complete Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH address can be found on our website.

Spare parts:

Nothing is Better than the Original

Müller customers swear by original Müller spare parts because these are designed to optimally match the system and application of each Müller machine. Due to efficient distribution centres at all Müller production centres and in ten additional countries, most spare parts can be dispatched on the same day and delivered by courier within 24 hours.

Choose your country from the select box to order Spare parts.

In a different country
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Conversions: Müller-Systems are Flexible

Müller machines are configured for specific customer needs. They can therefore be modified and with apporpriate kits reconfigured for other applications (spaces, web systems, etc.). Feasibility studies and quotations are available from the below-mentioned contacts.

Machines for narrow fabrics, label weaving and warp crochet knitting

Jakob Müller AG, Frick
5070 Frick, Switzerland
Tel +41 62 8655 555
Fax +41 62 8655 757

Making-up machines

Jakob Müller Deutschland GmbH
In der Graslake 54
58332 Schwelm, Deutschland
Tel +49 23 36 47 99 0
Fax +49 23 36 47 99 11


Upgrading Pays for Itself

Older machines can also benefit from improvements and advances made with new system generations. Jakob Müller AG offers a range of retrofits ideal for improving the performance of your existing machine park.

UNI-NETWORK Data transfer system for machines with UNI control replacing old floppy disk drives


VARIPICK take-off device for label weaving machines – Retrofit kit for optimising label quality


Needle temple bar
Needle temple bar – Retrofit kit for optimal fabric guidance in label weaving machines


Rapid Replacement of PCBs

Jakob Müller AG in Frick, tests, repairs and refurbishes PCBs of both older and current generations to a fully functional condition.

Tel +41 62 8655 438
Fax +41 62 8655 757

Jakob Müller AG offers its customer a special service should a PCB fail:

  1. A repaired PCB will be sent upon notifcation immediately by courier.
  2. These PCBs are generally offered at 20 % discount to the price of a new PCB.
  3. As soon as the customer returns the defective PCB to Jakob Müller AG he receives an additional 25 % dicount, provided the defective print can be repaired.

Shipment Status via Track & Trace

Using Track & Trace you can check the actual status of parts being delivered to you. The required reference number can be found on your invoice.