Textile Printing Systems


For the contactless bleed-off printing of narrow fabrics.

As early as 2011, Jakob Müller introduced the MÜPRINT MDP2, the world's first system for the direct printing of tapes using sublimation inks. The MÜPRINT MDP2 was able to carry out the contactless, direct printing of up to 16 polyester tapes with a total width of 400 mm and, using an integrated thermofixing process, manufacture a product suitable for immediate sale, fulfilling demands in abrasion resistance and colour fastness, as well as textile standards (OEKO-TEX®).

As opposed to transfer and screen printing, thedirect printing of textile tapes using digital ink jettechnology offers a wealth of advantages:

  • Quick and inexpensive ad-hoc production of printed tape patterns
  • Print-on-demand from digital designs to just-tape in-time production, short reaction period
  • Brief changeover times and fast article switches
  • Single-process, continuous production with a limited operator requirement
  • Contactless, direct printing that is suitable for use with open fabrics or tapes with uneven or alternating thicknesses (chiffon, velvet, knits, hook and loop, zips, nets)
  • Excellent wash fastness and abrasion resistance
  • Bleed off printing over the tape edge
  • Any repeat lengths and endless printing
  • Employment of variable data from Excel or text files for personalised / individualised printing or serial numbers
  • Photorealistic printing
  • No costs for printing forms, storage, cleaning or transfer paper
  • High levels of reproducibility without resetting as in screen or flexographic printing
  • High ink yield
  • “Texprint” RIP software for the transfer of design/photo files, printing layouts and colour adjustments to the textile materials
  • Supplementary software: variable data and the creation of printing profiles for specific materials in order to create maximum printout reproducibility
  • Software modules for the independent creation of colour profiles; available with or without a photo-spectrometer
  • Portable, ultrasonic tape welder device for tape linkage
Printing process   Inkjet piezoelectric / contactless /
Inkjet piezoelectric / contactless /
Inkjet piezoelectric / contactless /
Min. / max. ribbon width15 mm / 400 mm                  8 mm / 400 mm8 mm / 410 mm
Max. number of ribbons16                         102 x 10
Printable substratesPolyester wovens, nonwovens, knitware              Elastic ribbons with rubber, Elasthan and woven / knitted surface of polyesterElastic ribbons with rubber, Elasthan and woven / knitted surface of polyester
Print job preparation and transfer to printerMDP RIP SoftwareMDP RIP SoftwareMDP RIP Software
Print process coloursMDP2 inks; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black   MDP2 inks; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackMDP2 inks; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Heat setting of thermal fixationIntegrated system; temperatures up to 200°CIntegrated system
hot air and infrared; temperatures up to 200°C
Integrated system
hot air and infrared; temperatures up to 200°C


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