The MDW® functional and effect thread placing device for NFM® narrow fabric looms.

MDW® Multi directional weaving

The technology for innovative fields of application.

  • MDW® device for NFM®
  • Weaving and inserting effect threads in one operation
  • MÜCAD MDW® and MÜCAD VELVEDGE® programming system
  • MDW® can be retrofitted to existing NFM®
  • Production of labels, tapes, lanyards and club- / fan scarfs with the world’s softest edge VELVEGDE® (cold slit)
  • Production of functional, intelligent textiles and more such as:
    • Functional textiles (Fibre-reinforced insert weaves, spacer fabrics, curtain tapes, wearables)
    • Smart textiles (Textile bus systems, luminous textiles, heating/cooling textiles, conductive textiles as battery systems, measurement textiles, sensor technologies as pressure, motion, force, etc.)
    • Fashionable textiles (decorative tapes/ribbons, gift tapes, wristbands)
  • MDW®, die Technologie für innovative Anwendungsgebiete
  • Maschinen netzwerkfähig, anbindbar an mymuenet®, das Betriebsdatenerfassungssystem mit direktem Zugriff auf die Maschinensteuerung
Narrow Farbic Weaving Systems NFM® MDW
Looms NFM® 53 8/27 MDW® RFID
NFM® 53 6/42 MDW®
NFM® 53 4/66 MDW®
NFM® 53 2/84 MDW®
with System 1, 2, 3
Number of guide bars 2 / 4
Positive controlled effect thread transports 2 / 3 / 4 standard
Guide needles Individually and in segments
Combing shaft With mechanical rotation and electronically controlled stroke for NFM®
Prerequisites MÜCAD MDW®


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