Narrow Fabric Loom for light to medium-weight elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics in all yarn qualities.

NFM® the latest narrow fabric needle loom generation is offering universal operational possibilities and options. The NFM® series “Made in Switzerland” represents a synonym for effectiveness, cost-efficiency and operational safety.

  • Modular design – modifications and enlargements/extensions/conversions possible at any time
  • Fully electronic drives for weft, binder and catch thread as well as rubber feeding and take-off device
  • Modern control platform MÜDATA® M ➜ network ready, with simple and intuitive machine operation
  • High-performance, exceptional operational safety and outstanding user-friendliness
  • Optimal tension control through electronically controlled thread transports suitable for virtually all yarn types
  • Possibility of articles with combined weft densities through electronically controlled fabric take-off
  • High machine efficiency due to electronic setting of drives and devices 
  • High flexibility through adjustable positioning of the latch needle shaft as well as combined binder thread cam for easy setting of various weaving systems
  • Elastic and rigid ribbons, tapes and light webbings for technical applications, garment accessories (underwear and lingerie, bra straps, edging tapes), spacer fabrics, curtain tapes and many others
  • Prepared for MDW® for new applications, such as functional and smart textiles
  • To be easily connected to mymuenet®
  • Faster and more precise, reproducible setting of the machine parameters through electronically controlled drive systems (weft and auxiliary threads  feed, weft density/ fabric take-off) – 50% time savings compared to conventional narrow fabric needle looms
  • High productivity – 20-30% higher production speed compared to conventional needle looms
  • Broader range of applications through increased, torque monitored fabric take-off – up to 40% higher take-off force compared to conventional narrow fabric needle looms
  • Faster change-over to different weaving systems through combi curve for catch thread drive - abt. 50% time savings compared to conventional needle looms.
Base model NFM® 53
Models 10/18 | 4/27 | 6/27 | 8/27 |
6/42 | 2/66 | 4/66 | 2/84 | 2/130
Base model NFM® 80
Models 12/27 | 8/42 | 6/66 | 4/84 | 4/130
Weaving systems S1, S2i, S3, S5, Z4, Z5 and many more
Weft density range 4-120 picks / cm
Max. heald frame number 20
Repeat lengths Cam: 1:8; Pattern chain: 1:8 / 18-48


See further NFM® special devices, accessories and additional weaving systems i.e. for curtain tapes, safety belts and many other applications on NFM® leaflet.

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