Your world. Our technologies.

Create and personify value

Our No. 1 Priority

  • We devise innovative solutions for our customers through our recognition of their needs and demands.
  • We wish to be a partner to our customers that proves its worth in the long-term and makes a significant contribution to their market success.
  • We aim to achieve customer satisfaction through the unsurpassed quality and performance of both our products and services.


  • Every Jakob Müller Group employee regards him- or herself as part of globally active concern with Swiss roots.
  • We are very aware of the fact that well trained and motivated employees constitute the foundations our success and therefore both lead and challenge them in a targeted manner.
  • Our managerial culture is based on individual responsibility and solution-oriented thought and action.
  • We implement occupational safety, accident prevention and health promotion measures for the safeguarding of the workforce.

The guarantee of our competitiveness

  • Using a high degree of innovative capacity and the latest technology, we develop our products in line with existing or future customer needs.
  • We focus our innovations and wealth creation on those activities that enable us to achieve a competitive advantage and secure our know-how leadership.
  • We manufacture the components and modules that determine the performance of our machinery either in-house (where economically expedient), or through an exclusive and reliable partner.





1887 Years

Cost-efficiency – an investment in our future

We generate profits for the consolidation and further development of the company and remain independent. Continuous process improvements (Kaizen) across the board secure our long-term corporate success.

We examine and update our processes regularly on the basis of international standards.

Social and environmental responsibility – because sustainability is vital

We are conscious of our social responsibilities as a company and act accordingly. We make a lasting contribution to the training of skilled personnel.
All our activities are characterised by the employment of eco-friendly processes and the economic use of raw materials.