To ensure a constant and controlled warp tension during weaving from cone creel


Space requirement

Installed capacity
EBRT 1.0 300L 1550x1200x1700 1,5
EBRT 1.0 300Q 1060x480x530 0,75
EBRT 1.0 150Q 1060x480x460 0,75

Electronically controlled brake drum system

A belt is not just the sum of the woven threads. The quality and thus the safety of a belt are significantly influenced by the weaving process and here especially by the absolutely equal tension of all warp threads. For this purpose, the Jakob Müller Group offers a range of products that can be very easily integrated into the production process, depending on the application. One of these products is the proven electronic brake drum system (EBRT for short).

  • Constant and controlled warp tension throughout the weaving process
  • Consistently high quality of the end product
  • Equal warp tension allows less yarn use while achieving the same breaking force
  • Less material waste due to constant parameters over the entire order run length
  • Less wear and tear on the weaving machine due to reduced tensile stress caused by yarn feeding
  • Higher efficiency through increased productivity due to greater yarn run lengths when weaving from cone creel
  • Can be integrated into the production process at any time

Products with high quality requirements in the field of:

  • Climbing harnesses / Harnesses
  • Safety harnesses / Seat belts
  • Lifting harnesses
  • Higher margin 
  • Lower costs 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Process reliability
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