Warping machine for elastic and non-elastic yarns.

  • Basic machine in a stable, vibration-free design
  • Drive head and counter bearing for the spindle-free pick up of the sectional or warp beams
  • Strong electromagnetic stop brake for short braking distance
  • Lease insertion device
  • Adjustable warp thread laying from 0 – 30 mm
  • Accident protection bar
  • Measuring device and metre counter with prese
  • Simple handling
  • Low space requirement
  • Flexible application
  • Precision winding
  • High operational safety
  • Easy handling using simple operating buttons
  • Equalisation device for yarn tension: the yarn tension of the different creel ends is equalised by passing through a negative driven roller system equipped with a magnet brake for fast machine stops especially after yarn breakages.
  • Warp beam for the pick up of two warp bobbins
  • Holder for two adjacent expansion combs with independent adjustment
  • Rope warping device for 1 or 2 bobbins
  • Preliminary pre-tensioner for elastic yarns, positive driven
  • Anti-static device with two integrated ionising bars
  • Remote controller on both sides of the cone creel
  • Cone creel for rigid yarn and positive driven creel for elastic yarn
Warping Systems SMA400 Warping Machine
Max. warping speed for non-elastic yarns 500 m/min. [rope warping]
600 m/min. [direct warping]
Max. warping speed for elastic yarns 250 m/min. [direct warping]
Max. bobbin width 450 mm [option: 600 mm]
Max. flange diameter

400 mm [no option possible]

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