For labels and pictures with slit selvedges.

  • The world's best label weaving machine for the production of woven labels, pictures and technical narrow fabrics
  • For outstanding fabric quality with high productivity, high efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Simple, intuitive machine operation for the highest flexibility requirements, short changeover times and best accessibility for weaving personnel
  • Network interface for the protection of intellectual property (patterns) and implementation of the 4.0 industry strategy
  • A single machine controller for monitoring and regulating the entire weaving machine process
  • Intelligent machine lighting facilitates fast repair of warp and weft breaks, fine adjustment of slitting elements and control of the woven fabric quality
  • Improved operational reliability and low maintenance and spare parts requirements
  • Outstanding, low-wear weft insertion system for processing a wide range of yarns
  • Storage of machine parameters together with the pattern file
  • In-house development and production. Therefore many parts of the previous models MBJ6, MBJ6.1 can also be used for  MBJ8
  • Optimized harness models for ON-LOOM, OFF-LOOM slitting or in combination (hot-/ ultrasonic slitting)
  • MDW® device for the production of labels with VELVEDGE® - the softest edge in the world
  • MÜCAD for programming patterns, pictures, narrow fabrics and VELVEDGE®
  • mymuenet® for digitising the weaving room with direct access to the machine control system to optimise production efficiency
  • mymueller® - your online service portal
Label Production Systems MÜGRIP® MBJ8
Reed width (max.) [mm] 1380
Working width (max.) [mm] 1346
Shedding motion SPE3M series up to 3072 control functions
Harness-type Taffet Semi-Satin Satin
Harness-variations in mm 3x422T, 4x316T, 6x211T/S, 10x130SS, 12x105S and many other variations for ON-LOOM (hot slitting) or OFF-LOOM (ultrasonic slitting) or in combination (hot-/ ultrasonic slitting)
Weft insertion Rapier system
Number of weft colours 4-12 (individually adjustable speed, remapping and interchange function)
Pattern programming MÜCAD pattern and programming system


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