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Confection of Technical Textiles

Confection and winding of bandage materials

For bindings, bandages and knitted hosiery.


Winding of non-adhesive materials, elastic and non-elastic bandages as well as knitted hosiery. Coreless winding with up to 15 winding cycles per minute without end fixation.
Material supply per spindle adjustable for up to 4 bandages next to each other.

An automatic machine for winding elastic and non-elastic bandages, dressings and tricot tubes. The rolls are wound centreless and not fixed at the end. The material must not be strongly adhesive, because the winding mandrel is withdrawn from the roll at the end of the cycle.
This is a very high-speed automatic winder with freely programmable electronic control of the winding operation. It is of modular design, so that machines with one or more spindles may be provided. Each spindle may be operated independently of the others with its individual drive, pneumatics and sensors. It is therefore possible to wind up different articles at the same time.

KA200 / KA300

Steaming of elastic tapes. “In line” arrangement upstream of the bandage winding machine VWA203, multiple bandages side by side possible.
Humidifying with micro-spraying device and steam.
Hot air channels with blowers mounted at the upper and lower surfaces.

The KA200 / KA300 is designed for the energy saving steaming of elasticised and non-elastic goods in general and bandages in particular. The article is moistened with an electronical high-pressure steam generator. Shrinkage follows in a downstream tunnel with hot air feeding from above and below. The main advantage of this process is low energy consumption.
As a result of the modular design, the system is available with one or two lines. Up to four adjacent products can be fed simultaneously through each of the units. This system is specially designed for inclusion in a production line, upstream of the VWA203 / 303 bandage winder.

LP200 - Transfer label end sealing

HM200 - Hot melt end sealing

SU200 - Silicon end sealing

Name Description Size
 VWA203_de_61035_09_09.pdf DE 458.63 KB
 VWA203_en_61035_09_09.pdf EN 307.45 KB
 VWA203_es_61035_09_09.pdf ES 359.40 KB
 VWA203_tr_61035_09_09.pdf TR 354.49 KB
 VWA203_ch_61035_09_09.pdf CN 404.94 KB
Name Description Size
 KA200_de_07_10.pdf DE 202.64 KB
 KA200_en_07_10.pdf EN 202.61 KB
 KA200_es_07_10.pdf ES 254.42 KB
 KA200_tr_07_10.pdf TR 284.49 KB
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