MW700 / MW1000

Electronically controlled warping machine for elastic and non-elastic yarns.

  • Very high motor torque and thread tension
  • Extremely high motor running torque even in the case of large beam diameters
  • High-precision, synchronisation during constant running, start-up and braking
  • Very short stopping times in the case of thread breakages (prevents broken thread ends from running onto the warp beam) as a result of the switching of the drive motors to generative operation and thus the use of all the kinetic energy as braking power



  • Siemens S7 control system
  • Powered lifting and lower device for the loading of the warp beam at ground level with adjustable end positions in line with warp beam dimensions
  • Powered setting of the thrust bearing for the rapid adjustment to differing warp beam widths
  • Pneumatic warp beam ejection
  • Expanding reed with a laying device with 9 segments in a zigzag pattern in the MW700 and 11 in the case of the MW1000
  • Adjustable reed changing device with a stroke of up to 30 mm
  • Leasing device
  • High-definition metre measurement with shift or day counter
  • Programmable warping speed graduation in line with beam start-up
  • Safety devices with safety protection switch
  • Thread tension control device with negatively driven evener rollers for non-elastic yarns
  • Preliminary drafter for elastic yarns
  • Width-adjustable contact device for constant pressure during warping; adjustments can be made during warping
  • Antistatic device with 2 rods
  • Wax or oil device
  • Remote control
  • Warping machine mounted on rollers
  • Load measurement beam for the detection and regulation of thread tension
Warping Systems MW700 / MW1000 Warping Machine
Models MW700 MW1000
Maximum flange diameter [mm] 600 1000
Maximum beam length [mm] 700 1000
Maximum warping speed [m/min]
non-elastic 800 800
elastic 450 450


Positive driven pre-stretcher and roll-off creel for elastic yarns
Thread tension compensation rollers for non-elastic yarns
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