Electronically controlled Jacquard weaving machine for the production of multicolored labels, trimmings and name tapes with woven, soft selvedge.

  • NFM® platform with all relevant features.
  • Fully electronic drives for weft and binder thread  as well as color selection and take-off device.
  • Integrated thermofixation device (option).
  • Electronically controlled warp let-off device for broad beams (option).
  • Modern control platform MÜDATA® M network ready, with simple and intuitive machine operation.
  • Electronically controlled tape device with integrated traction control.
  • Electronically controlled friction transport for weft with easy access.
  • Simple design and article change through USB or network interface.
  • Fast and reliable pattern design programming via MÜCAD pattern design software.
  • Prepared for mymuenet®.
  • Multicolored woven edge labels and trimmings
  • Woven edge name tapes
  • Production of sustainable articles through processing of 100% natural fibre yarns in warp and weft - no slitting (hot or ultrasonic) required.
  • High efficiency through state-of- the-art machine design to ensure easy access for threading up weft, catch thread and warp yarn.
  • Fast and precise settings of the machine parameters through electronically controlled drive system (beam let-off, take-off and winding-up).
  • Quick and efficient exchange of winding axle – front position in the side plate.
  • Optimal settings for weft yarn feeding through electronically controlled friction transport in combination with an enhanced, easy to handle weft thread compensation.
  • Precise and reliable color selection ensures top quality.
Base model NFMJ MC T/S/SS
Weaving head version 27 42 66 110
Number of weaving heads        
- NFMJ 80 SPE3M 192 MC T/S/SS 12 8 6 4
- NFMJ 80 SPE3M 384 MC T/S/SS 12 8 6 4
- NFMJ 80 SPE3M 768 MC T/S/SS - 8 6 4
Number of weft colours 6
Max. beam Ø in mm 800 mm
Space requirement in mm Length Width Height Min. room height
- NFMJ 80 SPE3M 192 MC T/S/SS 1750 1750 1145 3380
- NFMJ 80 SPE3M 384 MC T/S/SS 1750 1145 3170 3420
- NFMJ 80 SPE3M 768 MC T/S/SS 2695 1150 3330 3580
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