Conversion of high-resolution images for the digital weaving process and the programming of electronically controlled Jacquard machines. For labels, cards, pictures, place mats, scarves, calendars, etc.

  • Economic design creation and programming of electronically controlled jacquard machines.
  • Simple and speedy conversion of the inread orig-inal into the DIGICOLOR pattern for producing finished jacquard files.
  • No further graphic software needed as the re-quired functions for image adaptations are opti-mized for these applications and integrated in the software supplied.
  • Immediate presentation of image and color changes, effected with enlargement at will or as realistic previews, saves repeated sampling on the machine.
  • Full integration in the MÜCAD concept.
  • Software developed by label specialists and weaving machines from the same maker (continuous process sequence).
  • User-friendly processing from pattern image and weaving pattern, respecting all boundary conditions for first-class labels and posters. Reliable, up-to-date and user-oriented operating surface.
  • Color jacquard fabrics produced with realistic motif reproduction.
  • Presentation of any number of colors with small number of ground colors, so that production and stock costs are substantially reduced.
  • Point-by-point, irregular structures (pixel resolution by digital weaving).
  • Image quality, i.e. resolution and color brilliance, can be influenced via the number and choice of colors and their intensity and via the weft density.
  • Very little effort when programming a pattern for labels and posters with DIGICOLOR, because no lengthy image processing or pattern layout is needed. For example: programming an image measuring about 1 x 1 mm takes some 4 weeks by the standard process, while DIGICOLOR programming takes only 15 minutes.
  • No knowledge of textile technology nor programming experienced needed.
  • Further presentation possibilities offered by DIGICOLOR and standard process in combination.
  • Only minimal changes if any are necessary, since the principal colors are always creeled. Production sequences are additionally optimized.
  • Multicolored labels with high resolution
  • Labels with irregular background or simpler motifs combined with strong inscriptions (standard procedure combined with DIGICOLOR)
  • Images, posters and banners in short runs or one-off
  • Necktie and uniform cloths
  • Fan and club scarves, even showing celebrities, pennants and badges
  • Church decorations
  • Wall calendars
Digital Solutions DIGICOLOR
The software package contains following:
STANDARDDIGICOLOR 1: for MÜGRIP and MÜJET in taffeta quality with
pick density of up to 58 per cm
LABELDIGICOLOR 2: for MVC with woven edge in taffeta quality and
pick density of up to 28 per cm
PHOTO LABEL       DIGICOLOR 3: as DIGICOLOR 2, with continual monofilament warp
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