For labels, pictures and narrow fabrics with slit selvedges.

  • New working width of 1200 mm
  • C-Series MÜDATA touchscreen - user-friendly dialogue panel for quick and simple operation
  • ROJ Super Elf G2 weft thread storage system with layer separation and integrated thread sur-veillance. The weft colour arrangement is set using a "re-placement and change" function.
  • Controlled warp let-off system with servomotor for the rapid and straightforward adjustment of warp thread tension
  • Electronically controlled VARISPEED system for binding- and weft thread-guided machine speeds
  • VARIPICK system with torque motor for low en-ergy consumption and quick and simple weft density setting
  • Individual air pressure settings for each of the eight weft colours
  • Separate on and off switching of the holding air, which provides a significant reduction in air consumption
  • In-house engineering and manufacture
  • High levels of productivity and order change flexibility
  • Quick and easy programming
  • Rapid cutting system resets
  • Comfortable exchange of rolled tapes
  • User-friendly and simple handling
Label Production Systems MÜJET® MBJL6
Reed width (max.) [mm] 1380
Working width (max.) [mm] 1317
Shedding motion SPE3 series up to 1536 control functions
Harness-type Taffet Satin
Harness-variations in mm 6x211T, 12x105S or OFF-LOOM (ultrasonic slitting)
Weft insertion Airjet System
Number of weft colours 8 (individually adjustable speed, remapping and interchange function)
Pattern programming MÜCAD pattern and programming system


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